Shadow’s story

Shadow was adopted from Romania in March of 2014, after having been rescued from the street by a local veterinarian.  Tina, his adoptive ”mother”, tells the story of Lauren’s first consultation:

Shadow pretreatmentYesterday Lauren Sluyter Olsen came and visited Shadow and me. Lauren is a Holistic Therapist and Animal Communicator. She has been guiding Shadow on his trip from Romania to Norway with communication, which I feel helpt alot. Yesterday she treated him with holistic therapy and communicated live with him. He has been through an amazing change after this. Suddenly, after lying down and being scared to death outside, he walks in the garden like he has been here forever. Still a little bit skeptic but is exploring the whole garden instead of searching for security towards the fence. He even wanted to start playing with Fuchur, our other Romanian dog, but the leash I had him on scared him a little bit.Shadow post

Today, while I was at work and my boyfriend Rune came home from work, Shadow started to explore the living room. Jumped up and down from the sofa and then lied down in his bed. I feel that his trust is getting so much better! Towards me 80%. We still have a long way to go but we will get there.  Just wanted to share what an amazing job Lauren has done with him.  The picture shows him yesterday after treatment. He seems very satisfied:-)”.

Click below to watch a slide show of Shadow’s experience: