Mustafa’s story

Mustafa webCommunication with Mustafa:
Mustafa is a rescued kitty, sharing a home with companion, Vigdis, and 5 other rescued cats who remarkably manage to get along quite well together. Some months ago, Mustafa suddenly began to mark/urinate on Vigdis’ couch. His vet didn’t find any medical reason for the change, so Vigdis asked me to communicate with him. In connecting with Mustafa, I learned that the dynamic with two of the other kitties in the home had changed over the past 6-7 months. According to Mustafa this happened shortly after the death of his closest friend in the household, who Mustafa sorely missed. After chatting with the other kitties involved, including Mustafa’s friend who had passed on, we were able to resolve several issues allowing everyone to relax. After 2-3 conversations and a few Reiki treatments, the entire gang was able to relax and have since begun napping together. Mustafa stopped urinating on the couch after the second conversation, and there hasn’t been any discord or mishap since. On the contrary, not only has Mustafa become more sociable, affectionate and playful, one of the other kitties has also come out of her shell  (see testimonial from Mustafa’s companion)!