Geraldine’s story

Lost Kitty Geraldine Comes Home:
Geraldine had disappeared from one summer day and hadn’t come home for several weeks, when I was contacted to communicate with her. In the period of a few more weeks, I had several connections with Geraldine, getting the clear impression that she was not injured, but rather seeking a bit of adventure. One day I suddenly got the image of an older woman feeding several cats outside of what seemed to be a home for seniors. It was as if Geraldine was watching from the other side of the road, but didn’t dare to approach. She was nearby home, and told me she would come home the day after her human companion, Alexandra, arrived back home from her trip. Alexandra had travelled to France and would be returning in a few days. When I spoke with Alexandra’s husband later that day, he confirmed that someone from a nearby retirement home had called and said she’d seen Geraldine while out feeding the local cats. Sure enough, Geraldine came home several days later, the day after her beloved friend returned from France.