What Others Say…


Below is some of what people have to say about Lauren … check out the drop-down menu for more success stories!

From a dog trainer in Canada:

“Lauren is a true animal lover and communicator. She has been accurate from the beginning about every one of my animals. She has spoke many times of how she has felt touched by the experience of speaking with my critters. I have felt the same way and saw the results of her communication through positive behaviour changes in my animals. When she met them for the first time in person, she was overjoyed to see they behaved as though she were an old friend. And she was.

The communication that was most dear to me, was when Lauren communicated with my horse after he passed away. I have always appreciated her ability to truly capture the spirit of every animal she connects with, but the way she was able to express my horse’s message in such a beautiful way, brought tears to my eyes. I will never forget the feeling of hearing what he had to say about his last days and the advice he shared for my future. Thank you, Lauren.” – Judith Beam, Professional Dog Trainer, Ontario, Canada

From one of Lauren’s instructors at ASN: “I am blown away and moved to tears by the depth of Lauren’s understanding, perspective and spirit that comes through her words…our beautiful planet Earth and all creatures who share this place are blessed by Lauren’s courage, heart and willingness to share her compassion and healing nature with others.  It is an honor to consider Lauren a colleague as she enters this world of Animals, People and Relationships as a facilitator of bridges for peace and healing.”
– Kathy Kowalec, Animal Communication Instructor, USA

From the former Director of Tromsø Animal Protection:  “I have 5 cats, all of whom were quite traumatized when I first took them in.  This affected them in various ways.  Mustafa urinated on chairs and sofas, Zelda and Basse tried to make themselves as invisible as possible, Hidalgo was terrified of everything and barely dared to come through the door to get food, while Amadeus, who is a large older cat, seemed intimidating to the others and was therefore ostracized.  The situation is completely different today, thanks to Lauren’s communications with them, both over distance and face-to-face.  Mustafa now urinates outside or in the litterbox only.  Zelda, who is the only “lady” in the house, obviously felt unsafe, but Lauren has gotten her to understand that she should command respect from “the boys” –  now she has her set places and doesn’t allow anyone to chase her away from them.  Amadeus and particularly Basse have become the ”caretakers”, regularly seeking out close contact with the others.  Hidalgo is still a bit shy, but very playful and at least now he can enjoy being indoors cuddled up in a comfy chair, both alone and with others. At the same time, through her communications, Lauren has helped me to understand that I need to be more careful to show Zelda how much she and the others mean to me.”
Vigdis Amundsen in Tromsø, Norway

A message from Yoho and Murphy’s caregiver, after a communication to help these 2 kitties decide to stop tearing the wallpaper off the walls:
“What was important to me was that through this communication process, I was able to get a better understanding of the cats’ feelings about life in the flat and about their concerns about where they fit in. Since the communication, I have worked harder to play with them and have bought a few new toys that they seem to enjoy playing with… I appreciated your telling me how you communicate through pictures in your mind, and that the cats pick up on this more than just words and gestures, so I have been using this in my own communication with them with some great success…. One of the most important things I was concerned about was the problem with the wallpaper being torn, and through communicating with them you were able to tell me that it was really connected to a whole lot of other issues than the one I really thought. This particular problem has stopped and I am very grateful for that! The whole communication process has helped very much in understanding their worries and behaviour linked to them. Thank you Lauren :)”
– Yvonne in Arendal, Norway.

Munin the horse developed pain in his front legs to the point that he could not be ridden. His vet had no clear explanation of the reason. After Lauren communicated with Munin about the nature of his pain and injury, here’s what his companion had to say:
“Munin has now been treated by a horse chiropractor and veterinarian. He had marked tension in his mane, which was stopping him from lifting his ribcage during training, which in turn prevented his back legs from carrying enough weight. That resulted in his bearing too much weight at the front, leading to the front leg issues … Which is exactly what he told you!  He didn’t have any tension/pain in the front legs anymore, as he had also indicated to you – a nice surprise. He was generally quite loose, but had some tension in the spine – again, something he had told you!  I’ve also thought of something in relation to the young girl, Maria, and the horse that Munin showed you when asked if he missed anything. His description fits perfectly with Beate’s daughter, Maria. And when Munin stayed with Beate last winter, he became good friends with Maria’s horse, ‘Lillegutt’!! Thank you, Lauren, for helping Munin and me to connect more deeply!”
– Eli in Grimstad, Norway