Flower Essences

"Bono" promotes Bach's Flower EssencesFlower Essence Therapy is a non-invasive, bioenergetic form of alternative medicine, particularly effective in helping animals to overcome stressful situations and/or traumatic past events, that are often related to physical symptoms as well (i.e. skin allergy is often related to stress).
Animals respond very well to the flower essences, often far better than humans.  This is perhaps in part due to their heightened awareness of smell, as well as their highly intuitive nature that attracts them to all forms of energy that may be helpful to them. Flower Essence Therapy may assist in resolving a variety of issues, including:


  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Digestive issues
  • Phobias / exaggerrated fears
  • Ability to “listen”
  • Shyness / emotional distance
  • Agression
  • Ability to handle change
  • Other stress-related issues
  • Other behavioral issues


Piccolo takes his flower essences

The history of Flower Essence Therapy really began back in the 1800’s in Germany, when Samuel Hahnemann discovered that electromagnetic frequencies of various plants could have healing effects on the human body – homeopathy was discovered. In England, early in the 1930’s, bacteriologist Dr. Edward Bach realized that illness is dependent on outside influences and the way an individual reacts to them. He discovered that each individual has a unique symptomatic picture in illness, and must therefore be treated individually, taking into consideration each patient’s personality and emotional condition. Our emotional state and personality play a major role in the way we fight illness. Bach found 38 flowers that help to balance the emotions in both people and animals, thereby helping the body to heal itself. As with most bioenergetic therapies, animals are extremely receptive to the flower essences, intuitively understanding how the body responds to them.