A Pig’s Story

Molly’s story, as told by Lauren:

Molly the pig

I once communicated with a pig named Molly, who had a very cushy life on a large and lush property by the woods.  She even had her very own cabin, complete with a bed and blanket! Every evening when she was ready for bed, Molly would wander up to the living room window and her loving companion would walk her to the cabin and tuck her in.

The day I met Molly, she had been grumpy, seemingly unhappy and perhaps in pain for quite some time, though nothing specific had been diagnosed. I was warned that she had taken to biting people. Never having been so up-close-and-personal with a large pig who was known for biting, it took me some time to settle in. After taking a few deep breaths and clearing out my trepidation, I was able to connect with beautiful Molly. When I asked if she could tell me about her life, she immediately sent the words, “I wonder what’s out there. Am I missing something?” I heard these words in my head several times, while feeling a heavy sadness in my chest that clearly wasn’t mine. The 3rd time she said the same words, I was suddenly struck by a sense of knowing that this was key. At the same moment, Molly came over and laid down right next to me, heaving a big sigh of relaxation. Though her words didn’t make much sense to me, I knew that I needed to share them with her companion, who reacted immediately. “Oh! I know what she means! When she was little, I took her with me everywhere,” said her friend. “We went into town, we went for walks by the sea and in the forest. She came to the store with me, to visit friends, even to an outdoor café. She’s gotten so big now that I haven’t done that with her for a long time. She must miss that!” Both Molly’s person and I had no doubt that this was the key to everything. The solution to this pig’s woes was quite simply to get out and about!

Here’s what Molly’s companion had to say later: “I heard that they connected quickly because Molly spoke aloud to Lauren – and that’s not something she does often with a stranger. Then Lauren told me what they had talked about and I felt certain it was right. It was interesting and new information that gave me a better understanding of Molly. This was a very positive experience that has given me a bit to think about. I hope that Lauren will come back soon and talk with my dogs. She is very talented and serious with her work!”