Through education and private consultation, Lauren seeks to support animals and their human companions in developing closer relationships and healthy lives.

The openness and purity of our animal friends makes them ideal communicators and recipients of holistic therapy. Animals are intuitively attracted to positive energy and have no skepticism to get in the way of a bioenergetic treatment or telepathic communication. They are patiently waiting to know us better, connect with us on a deeper level, and share their love and wisdom.

Lauren seeks to support expansion of awareness and respect for animals through education as well as private consultation.  Stay tuned for more information on upcoming seminars, workshops and classes to be scheduled in various parts of Norway and eventually (we hope!) via internet!

Through private consultations (in person and by phone/Skype), Lauren offers a wide variety of holistic therapies to assist animals in healing – both physically and emotionally: Animal Communication, Acupresure/TCM, Reflexology, EFT, Reiki, and Flower Essence Therapy. These modalities may be used individually or in combination with each other and/or traditional veterinary medicine. Lauren has a broad knowledge of natural nutrition for cats and dogs, and may also suggest resources for people to explore on their own. Additionally, she may recommend various touch techniques (for example, TTouch or EFT) and/or behavioral coaching tips and resources, where appropriate. To find out more about the specific therapeutic modalities offered, please see the drop-down menu for Services.

Please note:  No telepathic communication is ever performed with an animal without consent from their human companion.