Links to useful websites on various animal-related topics

Holistic and Natural Animal Care:

The Lightfoot
An extensive website covering numerous health care topics for a variety of animals.
Very comprehensive site about homeopathy for small animals and horses.

Linda Tellington-Jones’ website on the TTouch training and treatment philosophy for animals. Linda Tellington-Jones has also published numerous books/dvd’s that are both fascinating and useful – her methods are easy for anyone to understand and apply!

EFT for Animals
Website on Emotional Freedom Technique – a from of touch therapy that is fantastic for animals and very easy to learn.

Tallgrass Animal Acupressure
Wonderful website providing info/education on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupressure for animals, as well as general holistic animal care.

Animal Communication:

Animal Spirit Education and Healing
Perhaps the most complete and well-respected school for a wide variety of healing arts for animals, as well as providing a network for animal care practitioners.

Animals In Our
Website belonging to Teresa Wagner, animal communicator, instructor, author, and mentor to many, specializing in grief counseling particularly associated with the loss of an animal companion.

Communicate with Animals
This website belongs to animal communicator and interspecies awareness coach, Kristin Thompson, who was Lauren’s primary instructor and mentor.  Kristin in not only an active animal communicator, but offers a variety of courses through ASN and on her own.  Her website provides a wealth of information, beautifully presented.

The website of internationally-known pioneer animal communicator, Penelope Smith.

With Focus on Horses:

Mary Ann Simonds
Internationally-known equine behavioral ecologist and instructor, Mary Ann Simonds, who studied horses in the wild for over 30 years, and shares her expertise around the world.

Website offering books/dvds by Mary Ann Simonds and others, as well as products for the natural care of horses, including oils and essences created by Mary Ann.
On-line magazine with a wide variety of information on horses.

With Focus on Dogs:

Dancing Hearts –
Website of Kathy Kowalec, animal communicator, instructor, behavior specialist, TTouch practitioner – offering wonderful courses, products, resources and insight into positive dog training methods and natural animal care.

Website of Karla McCoy, ASN instructor, animal communicator and canine behavior consultant, specializing in dogs that are fearful, stressed or traumatized.

The Dog
Website for Jan Fennell, well-known international dog trainer whose methods are based on theories of how dogs instinctually behave, focusing on positive reinforcement.

Especially for Cats:
A phenomenal website by veterinarian Lisa A. Pierson, covering just about everything you need to know about cat care, with particular emphasis on nutrition.

Useful Clubs, Affiliates and Organizations:

International Alliance for Animal Therapy and Healing (IAATH) www.
Alliance of animal health care professionals dedicated to improving and expanding health care options available to animals.

Alliance for Natural Health, International
On-line organization for equine lovers around the world.

American Holistic Veterinary Medical

Animals with Disabilities
Website offering services, support and products for disabled animals.

The Gentle Barn –
An amazing organization that rescues, provides shelter and rehabilitation to abused animals.

The Elephant Sanctuary
Another fantastic organization that takes in and cares for injured, sick, elderly and “retired” elephants from around the world.  Be sure to watch the “Tarra & Bella” video that aired on “Oprah” in 2010.

Natural and holistic products for animals:

Allergic Pet

BARF Raw Food Diet

Bravo Pet

The Honest

Only Natural Pet, Europe
Only Natural Pet,


More links to come….