Harmful effects of using dog collars

Is it harmful to attach a leash to your dog’s neck?

By Emily Larlham

(Note: This article is a work in progress- the more I research, the more I will add to this work.)

People who live with dogs for companionship andfriendship all want what is physically and psychologically best for their dog.  We get dogs as companions in order to experience friendship, trust and to take care of another living creature that depends on us for their wellbeing.  Many of us have a sense of pride when it comes to taking care of our beloved dogs, so finding out about information that conflicts with how we are already caring for our pet can feel like a personal affront.

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Why not take your horse out for a walk?

People would never think of riding their dogs – true, most dogs are too small to be ridden!  But there are many other animals that could physically be ridden.  I often wonder why “the norm” is to see horses, first and foremost, as a means of transport rather than a companion. Why isn’t it “normal” to take your horse out for a walk?  

Taking the horses out for a walk – Part I from Lauren Sluyter Olsen on Vimeo.

I didn’t grow up with horses and am very far  from an “accomplished rider”.  However, I certainly enjoy riding with my friend, Super Star, and have been working to learn how to do so in a way that is comfortable and fun for both of us.  I love it when the rhythm is perfect, everything clicks, his ears are forward and we are moving as a unit.  Most of all, I love his clear expression of pride and joy when I get it right … as opposed to flopping all over the place!  Nonetheless, if I had to choose between riding and walking next to my dear friend, experiencing all the sounds and smells of the forest as he does, there is no contest – I would choose the walk.  And I have no doubt that Star agrees …  In the next video, it’s interesting to note the difference between Star’s reaction when we stop for a “nibble break” vs. the reaction of his friend, who rarely goes out for walks and apparently doesn’t fully know what to do with a nibble break:

Taking the horses out for a walk – Part II from Lauren Sluyter Olsen on Vimeo.