Lauren Sluyter Olsen has a varied background, including language, travel and holistic therapy in addition to animal communication and behavior studies. After graduating university with a degree in Russian, she began a 15-year career as a travel director and meeting/convention organizer. During that time, Lauren developed an interest in alternative medicine and began to study Shiatsu/TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). This “hobby” soon became a passion, leading to a major career shift in 2002. Since then, Lauren has studied and practiced Whole Body Reflexology, Reiki, Bioresonance, EFT and Flower Essence Therapy. Her lifetime love of animals led to another shift in 2005, when she began treating her cats for various woes. This led to treatment of friends’ animal companions and eventually to a full practice in the natural holistic treatment of animals. While treating several horses in 2009, Lauren discovered that she could sense what they were feeling. This was something she simply had to explore, thus beginning the amazing journey into the world of animal communication and behavior studies. Lauren is now able to offer a wide range of education and therapeutic modalities for the natural and holistic care of and deeper connection with our animal friends. Here’s a listing of her educational qualifications:

* Boston Shiatsu School, USA, 1995-97

* Kairon Institute for Reflexology,Sweden, 2004-05

* Usui Reiki Method, with Reiki Master H. Albrigtsen, Norway, 2005

* Regumed Institute for Regulatory Medicine, Germany, 2006-07

* Animal Spirit Healing and Education Network, USA, 2010-11

Coursework included in the ASN Animal Communication program:

* Animal Communication Level 1 – Basic
* Animal Communication Level 2 – The Deepening
* Animal Communication Level 3 – Case Studies and Discussion
* Animal Communication Level 4 – Advanced Interspecies Counselor Course
* Animal Communication Level 5 – Case Studies and Discussion
* Ethics for Animal Care Practitioners
* Animals as Healers
* Lost Pets
* Grief Support Skills
* Overview of Intuitive Healing Modalities for Animal Companions
* Introduction to Energetic Scanning and Practicum
* Fundamentals of Canine Behavior
* Fundamentals of Feline Behavior
* Fundamentals of Equine Behavior
* Fundamentals of Avian Behavior
* Fundamentals of Holistic Animal Health
* Ethics/Essential Guidance for Healers
* Legal Insights for Animal Care Practitioners
* Business Management Standards and Practices
* Introduction to Holistic Business Development for Healing Arts Professionals

Please note: Lauren is not a veterinarian and cannot diagnose illness or disease, prescribe medication or perform surgery. Holistic therapy and animal communication are not substitutes for proper nutrition, exercise or veterinary care.