Link to animals with Lauren Sluyter Olsen,
holistic therapist, animal communicator and behavior consultant

Lauren with Icelandic friend, Solfaxi

Combining education and holistic modalities for optimal well-being of animals and their human companions
The openness and purity of our animal friends makes them ideal communicators and recipients of holistic therapy. Animals are intuitively attracted to positive energy and have no skepticism to get in the way of a bioenergetic treatment or telepathic communication. They are patiently waiting to know us better, connect with us on a deeper level, and share their love and wisdom.

Lauren seeks to support expansion of awareness and respect for animals through education as well as private consultation.  Stay tuned for more information on upcoming seminars, workshops and classes to be scheduled in various parts of Norway and eventually (we hope!) via internet!

Through private consultation, Lauren offers a wide variety of holistic therapies to assist animals in healing – both physically and emotionally:  Animal Communication, Acupressure/TCM, Reflexology, Bioresonance, Reiki,  and Flower Essense Therapy.  These modalities may be used individually or in combination with each other and/or traditional veterinary medicine.

Additionally, there is so much people can do themselves to help their animal friends in the comfort of their own homes!  Lauren believes the best care comes from the one who is closest to the animal and is, therefore, always eager to include a human companion in the healing process.  She will often suggest resources to explore the more natural and holistic nutritional choices available to animals.  Additionally, in cases of pain, stress or other behavioral issues in particular, she may recommend the use of one or more touch techniques at home (for example, TTouch or EFT) and/or behavioral coaching resources that people can learn on their own.  Massage and touch techniques not only encourage your animal companion’s body to heal itself; they simultaneously provide a wonderful avenue for both of you to connect on a deeper level.

Animals are people too … or is it the other way around?
Lauren Sluyter Olsen’s goal through holistic therapy and animal communication is to support and increase the well-being of animals and their human companions, while hopefully increasing awareness and respect for all the beautiful creatures we share our world with. Thankfully today, people are developing new insight into the many amazing animals who inhabit this planet. As indigenous peoples around the world have known for thousands of years, animals are not only sentient but quite intelligent and compassionate beings who occupy a whole other dimension of life, filled with grace and wisdom. When we genuinely respect and care for our animal companions, and the world we share together, we enrich our own lives as well as theirs.